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If reliability, advanced functionality, and technical support are important to you when making the decision to invest in a new business phone system, Midland Business Phone Systems should be your first choice. Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to offer tailored solutions designed to meet each customer’s individual needs. We excel in providing Cat5e cabling services and provide complimentary consultation sessions so our customers can make informed decisions about their telecom system requirements. With us as your network installation provider, your infrastructure will be enhanced with cutting-edge technologies fortified with robust security features that protect confidential data from unauthorized access or breaches. At Midland Business Phone Systems, customer satisfaction has earned us the reputation as an industry leader—so trust us for your essential cabling projects and get ahead with dependable, cost-effective solutions delivered with exceptional quality assurance standards.

Cat 5e vs. Cat 6 vs. Cat 6A – which one do I need?

Quality electrical cabling is essential for performance-driven digital devices and access to powerful, reliable connections, allowing tech customers to instantaneously access all that their hardware has to offer. When shopping for the right cables, there’s no need to compromise on quality; as a great variety of both budget friendly and superior options are available. It is important to carefully assess customer requirements before investing in any particular set, bearing in mind everything from speed and longevity, to convenience and integrity. By selecting an appropriately tailored cabling solution, tech users can acquire the best possible result when optimizing device usability and responsiveness.

Cat 5e data cable

Don’t settle for average; choose the dependable power of Cat 5e systems to maximize your business’s performance. Reach Gigabit Ethernet speeds up to 1000 Mbps within considerable distances and reap the rewards with long-term success and returns. Make a smart investment now – stand out from fluctuating standards by avoiding lower quality cables in favour of unrivaled reliability!

Cat6 data cable 

Unlock the possibilities of your business with a power boost! Upgrade to Cat 6 Ethernet cabling, offering speeds up to 10Gbps over 160 feet and advanced shielding technology for superior reliability. With an easy installation process, you can quickly enjoy optimal operation capacities without outdated wiring–helping keep your business one step ahead of everyone else. Make sure powerful performance is always within reach; invest in Cat 6 today!

Cat 6A data cable 

Invest in Cat 6A cabling for an advantageous head start on digital trends and fast, reliable connections. With its 10 Gigabits/second transmission rate extending up to 328ft., businesses can enjoy the many benefits of this technology such as improved internal communication networks, connection speeds that are unmatched by alternatives like Cat 5 or 5e cables – all while staying ahead of the competition! To ensure successful implementation with maximum returns, seek experienced advice from Midland Business Phone Systems to guide your investment process.


Network Cabling Services

Midland Business Phone Systems stands out from the crowd, offering expert IT solutions and support that ensure our customers stay ahead of their competition. No matter the size of your business, our team will work with you to develop a custom system tailored to your specific needs. Advanced technology is at the heart of all that we provide, offering optimized productivity and maximum return on investment. So when it comes to selecting an IT partner for custom phone systems, don’t settle for anything less than Midland Business Phone Systems. Contact us today and benefit from our unwavering commitment to excellence!

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